Implementation of sensors

MESUREX has been instrumental in customer parts for many years according to their specifications. These instrumentations integrate different types of sensors in each physical quantity. Strain, force, pressure, temperature and therefore thermocouple and PT100 RTD, current, flow, displacement and many other gauges.

MESUREX is equipped with a complete instrumentation service, we provide our premises with technical support. We have even just expanded to accommodate larger customer parts.

Photo d'implémentation de capteurs sur pièce client automobile

Some examples of achievements

  • Equipment of a system for the movement of Ariadne on its launch pad with recording and plotting via satellite the exact position and the effort control to fire the 1000T platform on the launcher.
  • The measurement of displacement due to the climatic effects of arches and walls of historic monuments with remote measurements taken over several months and even years in some cases.
  • The deformation of steel tubes buried underground (rock movements etc) linked to nuclear waste treatment, in this instrumentation we are the leaders, many strain gauges are applied for long-term studies.
  • Instrumentation of helicopter turbines with pressure tubes and temperature sensors.
  • Installation of thermocouple type temperature sensors on aircraft wing models.
  • In the automotive industry, complete or partial line exhaust instrumentation, catalyst, particle filter in ceramic breads, “plastic” parts that revolve around the engine.
  • Mapping of electronic cards and electric motors of different customers.
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