Data logger with GSM router for remote control or data transfer

It is not always easy to have a local network or wifi in order to repatriate or consult the data of a data logger (force, pressure, temperature, humidity, displacement, distance meter …)

This problem is common when the acquisition must be made in isolated areas: bridge, construction site area, transformer, engineering structure, etc.

We have developed  an acquisition box with a GSM router.

This box has a 10-way or 20-way control panel to manage the local acquisition of data such as: humidity, temperature, force (traction, compression) or pressure.

A GSM router is connected directly to the central and allows remotely to start stopthermocping a recording, make the parameterization, repatriate the data, visualize in real time the acquisition ….

The box ensures the protection of the data logger and has all the necessary connectors for the wiring of the sensors.

In the event of a power outage, the data logger restarts automatically. The remote connection is never stopped and does not require a local move because we manage the portability of the IP address.

These boxes are developed  according to the sensors to be implanted. We test and ensure the calibration of these from our metrology laboratory.

The whole is autonomous and therefore becomes accessible from any PC.





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