Standard AMS2750

The AMS 2750 E standard defines a certain number of rules relating to heat treatments of metals in the aeronautical sector. It covers temperature sensors, instruments, heat treatment equipment, system accuracy testing, and temperature uniformity studies.
It is necessary to apply these requirements in order to ensure the conformity of the heat treatment of parts or raw materials with respect to the standards in force.

The AMS 2750 E thermocouples have four applications:

  • Sensors to control reading accuracy (SAT: System accuracy test)
  • Sensors for regulation, process recording
  • The sensors to ensure the uniformity of the oven temperature (TUS – Temperature Uniformity Survey)
  • Sensors for monitoring load temperatures (sensors installed on rooms) This information must be read in conjunction with the documentation on standard AMS 2750 E, which can be found at the following address:
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