PT100 or RTD temperature sensors with integrated DIN connector

MESUREX has just created a new range of PT 100, PT500 type probes,
PT1000 and other RTDs with integrated DIN connector, very solid manufacturing,
mounting under stainless steel tube of diameter 3 or 6 mm, the length is on request,
operating temperature at the end of the tube 500 ° C, the connectors 100 ° C.
Several types of threads under connector can be associated, for example 1 / 4G, 1 / 2G, M10x100, 1/4 NPT, 1/2 NPT … and of course without threading.
These PT 100 RTD are used in industry, they are interchangeable,
Many different terminations, combination of length 1, 2, 5 meters etc with wiring of the female counter plug.
All these PT100 can be calibrated in our metrology laboratory to issue a calibration certificate.

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