Potentiometric probe type DEP

Potentiometric probe type DEP

These potentiometric displacement sensors are used for direct measurement, testing and monitoring of mechanical displacements.

The potentiometric track of the sensors allows permanent operation with a sliding contact system.
A return spring keeps the sensor head in permanent contact with the bearing surface.

Special treatments are applied to the resistance (low friction tracks, low tendency to stick / slip, abrasion resistance and long term stability).

High precision: between +/- 0.05% and +/- 0.3% depending on the strokes

Resolution 0.01mm

The low cost of this probe makes it an ideal solution for force control – displacement for example.

Product reference : DEP suivant FP2838
Availability : Mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Electrical Value





Measuring range 10 mm to 25 mm :                              1 kΩ

Measuring range 50 mm to 150 mm :                             5 kΩ

Resistance tolerance± 20 %
Insulation resistance> 100 MΩ to 500 V
Max operating voltageMeasuring range 10 mm : 14 V
Measuring range 25 mm : 25 V
Measuring range 50 mm to 150 mm : 60 V

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