Kapton surface thermocouple

Kapton surface thermocouple

This extra flexible Thermocouple allows attachment to all surfaces, flat or curved.
The Kapton insulation provides good temperature resistance.
Operating range -50 to + 300 °C.
The hot spot (sensitive part) is placed under a Kapton film that we adjust according to requests.
This product is reusable after testing, which makes it an ideal thermocouple for measurements on electric vehicles.
The T-type version is non-magnetic.
Dielectric strength and insulation tests are carried out by MESUREX in our metrology laboratory.

It is recommended for tests on cables or batteries (flexibility and high insulation).

Product reference : DS T suivant FP T 2830
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Technical sheets

Detailed description

This thermocouple model is characterized by its flexibility, ease of implementation and low price.
It is ideal for surface temperature measurements.
We recommend it for battery tests.
The Kapton coating is very thin, very good electrical insulator but also it resists very high and very low temperature.
This thermocouple is reusable because it is quite possible to add an adhesive to reposition it or to change the size of the wafer.
Standard dimensions of the Plate: 10 mm x 20 mm.
We offer this product in a K, J, T thermocouple version (consult us for others).
In the electric automobile sector, type T offers good tolerance and dielectric strength.
These class 1 products meet the NF EN 60584-1 standard.

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