Digital pyrometer with display type EL50

Digital pyrometer with display type EL50

EL50 are digital infrared pyrometers with a remote measuring head for non-contact temperature measurement between 0 °C and 800 °C.

The sensor head is unaffected by electromagnetic interference and can easily withstand an ambient temperature of up to 120 °C.

The pyrometers are equipped with an integrated 4-digit LCD display.

The electronic box with integrated keypad helps to set parameters, such as emissivity, analog scale, switching output, hysteresis, temperature unit (°C or F), response time, filter, etc.

Product reference : EL50 suivant FP EL50
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Technical sheets

Detailed description

Characteristics :

– Power supply (12V…28V DC with reverse polarity protection)

The sensor head withstands an ambient temperature of up to 120 °C

– Spectral range 8μm…. 14μm

– Wide temperature range from 0… 800 ° C

Integrated LCD screen and keypad for setting

Fast response time in milliseconds

– Analog output option 0… 20mA or 4… 20mA, 0-10 V, Thermocouple «K» or «J» type (user selectable)

USB 2.0-RS-232 / RS-485 digital output serial interface card

– Relay output

– Easy to use software for communication

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