Dual color precision pyrometer type E450C PL

Dual color precision pyrometer type E450C PL

E450C PL is a two-color pyrometer with a measuring head separate from its electronic housing for non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics and graphite, etc.

Temperature ranges from 800 °C to 2500 °C.

This device measures the temperature of an object by calculating the ratio of energies of two different wavelengths.

This ratio eliminates and reduces errors in temperature measurement caused by changes in emissivity, surface finish and energy-absorbing materials, such as water vapor, etc.

The sensor head is not affected by electromagnetic interference.

Product reference : E450C PL suivant FP E450
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Technical sheets

Detailed description


– Wide temperature range from 800… 2500 ° C

– Spectral range 0.7 μm…. 1.15 μm

– Laser light for high precision targeting

– Model with two colors

Integrated LCD display and keypad for setting

Fast response time in milliseconds

– Analog output option 0… 20mA or 4… 20mA or 0-10 V

USB 2.0 digital output and RS-232 / RS-485 serial interface

Relay output

Easy to use software for communication

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