Analog and Modbus Amplifier for strain gauge sensors reference TR FO RS485

Analog and Modbus Amplifier for strain gauge sensors reference TR FO RS485

The TRFO RS485 is a gauge bridge converter.

The measurements made are in 6-wire or 4-wire technology and are available via the Modbus-RTU serial protocol or the analog output.
The analog output is configurable in 0/4..20ma or +/-10V.

The sensitivity from 1 to 64mV/V, configurable by DIP switch for integer values or via software for real values.

We ensure the calibration of this module at our metrology laboratory.

Product reference : -TR FO RS485 datasheet FP
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Technical sheets

Detailed description

Power supply 10..40 Vdc, 19..28 Vac (@50..60 Hz)
Power consumed 2.5 W
Protection isolation 1.500 Vac has 3 life
Accuracy 0.01%
LED  : Power Supply, error, Tx Data,Rx Data
Screw terminal block connections for section 2.5 mm²
MicroUSB port
2-wire RS485 interfaces, 115.200 bps ModBUS RTU slave protocol
Input  :
1 analog (and power supply) up to 4 (350 Ω) or 8 (1,000 Ω) gauge deck, 4 or 6wires,
1 tare entrance

Output :
1 analog (0… 20, 4… 20 mA) or in voltage (0..5, 0..10 V);
1 tare or alarm output

Input measurement Sensitivity 1 to 64 mV/V 24 bit resolution
Thermal drift 25 ppm/K
EEPROM data for configuration -40 years
Software Programming (Z-NET4)
Protection IP20
Mounting Rail DIN guide 35 mm DIN 46277
Operating temperature -10..+65°C
Dimensions (LxHxB) 17.5x100x112 mm
Weight 140 g
Nylon 6 case loaded 30% fiberglass

Standards EN 61000-6-4/2002, EN 61000-6-2/2002, EN 61010, EN 60742, IEC 61131


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