Type K thermocouple for hose or piping

Type K thermocouple for hose or piping

This thermocouple has a weld isolated from ground.

It can be of type K, J, T, N depending on the temperature to be measured and the desired precision.
It is directly installed in a pipe fitting and therefore allows the temperature of the fluid to be measured: water, oil, air, gasoline, etc.
Connection to the present circuit is facilitated by the presence of the connector.

This sensor can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to 350 °C and connections from -40 °C to 200 °C.

This assembly is possible on many fittings (aluminum, stainless steel or plastic … consult us)

MESUREX is a specialist in the manufacture of custom thermocouples, we can adapt the thermocouples to your use. Do not hesitate to consult us with our automatic reminder at the bottom right of your screen.

Product reference : CJX suivant T FP 2565
Availability : 2 weeks
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Tube Length

 ( mm )

Cable Length




8 67


8 67 with pressure tap


M11x75 37 with thread and pressure tap



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