Tension/compression pad sensor for heavy load FO A

Tension/compression pad sensor for heavy load FO A

This type of very high capacity sensor is intended for use in tension or compression.

2.5KN full scale load at 5 MN.

It is specially developed for fatigue testing applications.

Its advantages are to ensure low deformation and intensitivity to transverse forces.

IP67 protection with a stainless steel body to guarantee great robustness.

We associate this bridge gauge sensor with our transmitters and carry out the calibration of these materials in our metrology laboratory.


Product reference : -FO A suivant FP3400
Availability : 2-3 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Power supply 1-15 Vcc 18 V max 10V recommended
Operating temperature -10°C to 70°C 23°C in reference
Storage temperature -20°C to 80°C
Compensated temperature -10°C to 40°C
Repeatability 0-120-240° +/-0.145%
Interpolation +/-0.09%
Reversibility +/-0.24%
Zero +/-0.03%
Linearity +/-0.05%
Hysteresis +/-0.05%
Protection sign IP 66
Input impedance 430 Ω +/-20 Ω
Output impedance 352 Ω +/-2 Ω
Signal to ME 2 mV/V
Output 5m cable
Calibration Tension / compression
Protection sign IP 67

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