Miniature / Standard / Male / Female adapter for thermocouple

Miniature / Standard / Male / Female adapter for thermocouple

These genre adapters are used to simplify the connection of thermocouples with displays and interfaces.

We make them for all types of thermocouples K, T, J, S, R, N.

Male to female or Male to Male or Female to Female by changing or not the size of the connector

Also we carry out this type of adaptation with 3-pin connectors

Product reference : ADAPT XXX/XXX
Availability : mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description

We make these products as standard with connectors able to work up to 220 ° C.

Optionally we can use high temperature or ceramic connectors

    referenceside 1side 2number of contactthermocouple type
    ADAP MMK/FSKMale MiniatureFemale Standard2K
    ADAP MSK/FMKMale standardFemale Miniature2K
    ADAP MMJ/FSJMale MiniatureFemale Standard2J
    ADAP MSJ/FMJMale standardFemale Miniature2J
    ADAP MMT/FSTMale MiniatureFemale Standard2T
    ADAP MST/FMTMale StandardFemale Miniature2T
    ADAP MM3K/FS3KMale MiniatureFemale Standard3K
    ADAP MS3K/FM3KMale StandardFemale Miniature3K
    ADAP MM3T/FS3TMale MiniatureFemale Standard3T

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