Wire welding machine type MPC

Wire welding machine type MPC

This device makes it possible to weld thermocouple wires purchased in a coil very simply, to make a thermocouple instantly and without difficulty.

The welding machine can be operated through the front panel or using a foot pedal.

In addition to working on thermocouple welds, the welding machine is used in many other applications involving joining wires to each other or to metal surfaces.

This model is suitable for wires from 0.1 mm up to 1.1 mm in diameter without the use of Argon gas.

If Argon is used, a hose purge is provided in the operation.

Product reference : FP 2161 suivant MPC 2
Availability : Mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Type of weld Arc welding
Enegy emitted 0 to 60 joules
Welding capacity Wires between 0.1 and 1.1 mm
Duty cycle Minimum 5 to 10 welds/min
Dimensions Length : 220 mm

Height : 120 mm

Depth : 250 mm

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