Miniature pressure sensor – P M8x1 type
Miniature / Standard / Male / Female adapter for thermocouple
Extenders, cables, connectors for pressure sensors
Single PT100/PT1000 with wired connection FTT P, FIT P, FGG P, FKK P
Precision Self-Contained Portable Temperature Indicator Display RTD PT100
Tension/compression pad sensor for heavy load – FO A series
USB interface for strain gauge sensor, potentiometric or dc reference TR FO USB
Mineral insulated thermocouple with miniature connector – CC series
Type K thermocouple for hose or piping
Indicator Display for Strain Gauge
Amplified load cell – FOS A series
Specific cable for thermocouple or PT100
Ultra-miniature compression load cell sensor – FC N8 series
Force sensor with mechanical stop FC35-69
S-sensor small measurement range – FTCSM
Relative deep level probe – PNIV1
Miniature pressure sensor – PSX1C series
Miniature absolute or relative pressure sensor – PB series
Miniature pressure sensor with SOURIAU connector – PAPC4KP5V
Portable display for strain gauge sensors reference PN FO
Miniature cell pressure sensor – PXC / C-Series
High precision S-shaped compression traction sensor -FO S
Pressure sensors -1 … 9 bar / 0 … 2.5 – 1000 bar – PR series
Miniature high temperature pressure sensor – PKHT series
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