Construction industry

Strain gauge interface to analogic or BUS – TR FO RS485L
Head transmitter for PT100 pyrometric cane to 4..20 mA serie -CONVPT1004/20
Humidity and temperature sensor with integrated display -TRTH series
Extenders, cables, connectors for pressure sensors
Single PT100/PT1000 with wired connection FTT P, FIT P, FGG P, FKK P
Precision Self-Contained Portable Temperature Indicator Display RTD PT100
Compression force transducer through hollow shaft – FO A SPE A series
Tension/compression pad sensor for heavy load – FO A series
USB interface for strain gauge sensor, potentiometric or dc reference TR FO USB
Indicator Display for Strain Gauge
Specific cable for thermocouple or PT100
Bending beam type load cell type – FO series
Shallow depth probe – PNIV2
Portable display for strain gauge sensors – PN FO series
Relative / absolute pressure sensor 0 to 60 bar – PAS PRS series
Analog and Modbus Amplifier for strain gauge sensors reference TR FO RS485
Industrial head thermocouple – CIS/CIM series
Miniature surface thermocouple (4x8mm) – DS48 series
Tension/compression load cell pancake shape – FTCN series
Miniature compression sensor external 25mm – FC series
Surface thermocouple under glass silk wafer – DS series
Pt100 notches for stator – LE1 series
Copper pellet thermocouple – DC12 series
Humidity sensor and temperature ATEX – TRHUATEX2
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