Construction industry

MESUREX supplies many sensors in this sector such as thermocouples, RTD PT100 probes, pressure and force sensors, as well as associated acquisition devices and accessories.
We also manufacture sensors specific to this field, such as insertion thermocouples in concrete, force sensors in formwork for concrete thrust, or even distance meters with invar wire on bridge and historic monument projects.
The construction sector also uses our accessories, extensions, watertight passages and various cables.

MESUREX has been instrumenting customer parts for many years, the instrumentation is carried out according to the customer’s plans and sketches.
In addition, tailor-made development is our business, so we adapt to each project.
We offer the whole chain, ie sensors and data acquisition.
Calibration of the assembly is often requested for out-of-the-box use.

Photo d'un capteur de temperature à tete industrielle pour canne pyrométrique en aluminium avec revetement epoxy
Photo d'un distancemetre potentiometrique
Photo d'un vibromètre
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