Metrology / Calibration

MESUREX has a metrology room with different services, the distribution is done in several groups, temperature, pressure, force, dimensional, vibration, electrical simulation tests, relative humidity and some other very specific.
Our room contains the devices attached to COFRAC to the different measurement ranges.
We guarantee traceability with our stallions attached to national stallions.
With our experience in the aeronautical field we carry out tests for our new products requiring a lot of tests and validations.
We check and calibrate thermocouples meeting the AMS2750 standard.


3 standard ovens for calibration
Range : -40…..1250°C

1 temperature chamber for cycling tests
Range : -70…..120°C

1 climatic chamber for combined temperature and humidity tests
Range : -70…..120°C, – 10…..90% humidity

Verification and calibration of thermocouples according to standard AMS2750.

Traction  – Compression

2 force benches for calibration
Range from 0…..10 N to 0…..500 KN (50 T)


2 oil scales and 1 nitrogen calibrator for calibration
Range : 25mBar…..1000 Bar (absolute or relative)

1 pressure cycling bench to analyze lifespans

1 scale to test sensors up to 2000 Bar

In recent years Mesurex has invested in the possibility of calibrating or verifying force, pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration sensors and many more …..

We carry out specific tests for our customers or on our own production: uprooting on aeronautical floors, electrical isolation on temperature probes for nuclear power, resistance in 5KV isolation on specific cables for electric vehicles, measurement report on equipped parts strain gauges, burst pressure on pressure sensors etc …

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