Repair / Reconditioning of sensors

Faced with the major climate challenges we are facing, a new way of thinking, developing, using and recycling our products is developing: eco-design. Indeed, the ISO 14006: 2020 standard defines and develops the concept of eco-design or “life cycle thinking” of a device. This concept refers to the consideration of the environmental aspects associated with a product during its entire life cycle. The aim of eco-design is therefore to measure and reduce the impact of a product on the environment throughout its life.
To this must also be added a significant advantage for companies wishing to apply this methodology: a reduction in production costs. Thus, the reconditioning and refurbishment of used and worn products is both an ecological gesture but also an economical one.

It is with this in mind that MESUREX offers to repair and recondition your thermocouples. This service provides you with a recovery from the hot point, various extensive tests to judge the correct functioning of the sensors once repaired / reconditioned and possibly a calibration.

Thermocouples before and after reconditioning

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