Miniature pressure sensor – P M8x1 type
Under-tube thermocouple with extension cable – IJ series
Miniature / Standard / Male / Female adapter for thermocouple
Humidity and temperature sensor with integrated display -TRTH series
Extenders, cables, connectors for pressure sensors
Single PT100/PT1000 with wired connection FTT P, FIT P, FGG P, FKK P
Precision Self-Contained Portable Temperature Indicator Display RTD PT100
Miniature load cell rounded top reference FO C….MIN
USB interface for strain gauge sensor, potentiometric or dc reference TR FO USB
Amplified load cell – FOS A series
Compression fitting in stainless steel 316, BSPP, BSPT, metric size
Compression fitting in stainless steel 316, NPT size
Specific cable for thermocouple or PT100
Portable display for strain gauge sensors – PN FO series
Pressure sensors -1 … 9 bar / 0 … 2.5 – 1000 bar – PR series
Miniature high temperature pressure sensor – PKHT series
Relative / absolute pressure sensor 0 to 60 bar – PAS PRS series
Miniature force sensor – FTCS series – M5/M3 thread
Analog and Modbus Amplifier for strain gauge sensors reference TR FO RS485
Tension Compression load cell S type, low cost version – FTCS series
Industrial head thermocouple – CIS/CIM series
Threaded Load cell tension / compression – FTCP series M10-M16
Miniature compression sensor external 25mm – FC series
Ultra flat and flexible PT100 under film – DS2047
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