Cable displacement sensor

Cable displacement sensor
Cable displacement sensor

This series of stretched wire displacement sensors is preferably used in contexts where the mechanics do not allow the installation of a rigid measuring rule.

The cable end fixing ring allows for very simple assembly.

The return spring ensures a good tension of the cable which allows to have a good precision.
We have many variants : anolog or digital signals of the incremental encoder type TTL, HTL or absolute Profinet, SSI, CAN, …

In addition to these cable sensors, we can also offer you our adapted and calibrated displays in our metrology laboratory.

Product reference : DEPFILS suivant FP 2606
Availability : mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Measuring scale0 to 50 000 mm
Linearity0.25 %
Cable connectionHook or ring
Output signal4/20 mA ou 0/10 V ou
incremental encoders TTL/HTL ou absolute SSI, profinet, CANopen, Ethernet IP, Modbus…
Operating temperature-20 to 80 °C

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