Invar potentiometric distance meter DPFILINVAR

Invar potentiometric distance meter DPFILINVAR

This sensor, associated with an Invar wire for its attachment, was developed to monitor the movement of objects.

It is frequently used to measure the displacement of walls of old buildings, structures during works or displacements of structures due to heat.

Typical locations: walls of churches or cathedrals, historical monuments …

We associate these products with our recorders in order to record movements over time but above all to send an alert in the event that the set thresholds are exceeded.

Product reference : DPFILINVAR suivant FP 2186
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Technical sheets

Detailed description
Measuring Range (M.R.)± 5mm or ± 25mm
Resistance4,7 kΩ ± 10%
Signal OutputPotentiometric
Accuracy± 1/100mm

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