Relative pressure transmitter IO Link output

Relative pressure transmitter IO Link output

These compact transmitters are based on thick film technology.

The measuring cell is welded to the pressure connection and does not require a seal.

Designed for high dependability applications, these transmitters are also suitable for use with refrigerants including ammonia.

Product reference : FP P 1 IO
Availability : Mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description


Pressure range

BAR-1 … 9 bar / 0 … 2.5 – 1000 bar
Pressure typeRelative
Permissible overload

< 6 bar    5 x M.R.

> 6 bar    3 x M.R. (max. 1500 bar)

FluidsLiquids, gazes and refrigerants (including ammonia)
Burst pressure

< 6 bar    10 x M.R.

> 6 bar    6 x M.R. (max. 2500 bar)

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