Blackbody generator stallion type GENECONO

Blackbody generator stallion type GENECONO

This blackbody generator is characterized by its large surface, by its precision of regulation and its good uniformity.

GENECONO are low temperature infrared reference sources operating in absolute or differential mode.

This series of generator has a very high stability.

They are particularly well suited for characterizing and validating the performance of a very wide range of IR sensors, such as high resolution cameras for thermography and long range thermal sensors.

The black body emits a known amount of energy for an infinite number of wavelengths.

Product reference : GENECONO suivant FP2839
Availability : 3 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Emissive surface 100 x 100 mm 200 x 200 mm 300 x 300 mm
Temperature range 0 to 100 °C
Thermal uniformity 1% (T-Tamb)
Emissivity 0.98±(0.02) 0.98±(0.02) 0.98±(0.02)
Stability 0.01°C

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