Humidity sensor and temperature ATEX reference TRHUATEX2

Humidity sensor and temperature ATEX reference TRHUATEX2

This temperature and humidity sensor allows use in difficult environment, this equipment approved for use in ATEX explosive atmospheres.

The Sensor has, a double outputs 4/20mA, its use is intended to be mounted on a wall or plate.
We use in combination with this sensor an intrinsic power supply.

Product reference : TRHUATEX2 datasheet FP3450
Availability : 3 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Relative humidity: 0… 100%
Output signal: 4..20mA
Accuracy: +/-2% Rh (between 5..95% between 10..40°C)

Temperature: PT100 class B
Range: -20…+80°C
Output signal: 4..20mA
Accuracy at 23°C +/-0.2K

Intrinsic supply voltage: 13..24Vdc
Power 780mW
Max amperage 100mA

Area: EX 1/2G EX IA IIC T4 – EX II 2D EX TB IIIC T95°c -40°C<Ta<+80°C

We can also provide you with this sensor for hazardous areas, where ATEX hardware is needed.

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