Bayonet thermocouple – IBA series

Bayonet thermocouple – IBA series
The bayonet temperature sensor is mainly used in the plastics industry, but also in the temperature monitoring of tooling.
Thanks to its return spring, the hot spot can be pressed onto a surface or a tool.
We can adapt the dimensions of the spring (diameter and length), the size of the bayonet (diameter, number of lugs, no fixing) as well as the size of the end piece according to your requests.
This product is mainly made of type K or J thermocouples.
The extension cable can be Teflon or armored glass silk, with or without a connector.

Product reference : IBA series - FP 2808
Availability : 2 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Single J, K, T or PT100 thermocouple
2-meter shielded glass silk cable standard, but it also exists in shielded Teflon version.
Hot weld Isolated or earthed
Bayonet Ø baio: Ø11.5 / Ø12.5 / Ø14.5 with single or double lug (other contact us)
End cap Øe: Ø3 / Ø4 / Ø5 / Ø6 / Ø8 (others on request)
Flat or round tip standard
Class 1 tolerance according to NFC 42321 and IEC 584 standards
Bare wire termination or connectors on request
Spring (length on request)
Possible association with optional calibration certificate

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