Extra flat force detector type FSR

Extra flat force detector type FSR

Ultra-flat type FSR force transducers have an ohmic resistance that decreases when pressure or force is applied.

Thickness less than 1 mm.
It fits easily and is available in different sizes (pressure surface or length).

Good repeatability, low sensitivity to noise and vibration, service life over 10 million cycles.

We can associate this product with an external box which will be able to send the values ​​seen by the sensor via Bluetooth directly to a mobile application.

Product reference : FSR suivant FP 3502A
Availability : 2-3 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Optimal pressure range0.007 to 7 bars
Resistance10Mohms to 1Kohm
Maximum applied pressure35 bars
Signal response time (mounted)1 to 2 ms
Operating temperature-30°C to +170°C
ConnectivityMiniature direct copper connector
Cable ( alternative)2 meter teflon cable
TerminalSolder terminals
Thickness (sensitive element)0.4 mm

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