Miniature load cell rounded top reference FO C….MIN

Miniature load cell rounded top reference FO C….MIN

This miniature compression sensor makes it possible to perform a simple and reliable measurement in industries and laboratories where there is no space.
It is particularly well suited for compression measurements in very small structures.
The load cell is a compact stainless steel construction.
Thanks to its elliptical shape, the force to be measured is driven in the sensor in a centered way without lateral effort.

Strain gauges (full bridge) are applied to the sensor surface.
This sensor can be attached with contact glue or silicone. To achieve optimal measurement accuracy, it is preferable to
protect the sensor from off-axis loads.

Output signal at 1.7 mV/V

Product reference : FO C ...MIN datasheet FP2800
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Technical sheets

Detailed description

Electrical values:
Bridge resistance: 350Ω
Excitation voltage: 3Vac or Vdc
Max excitation voltage: 5Vac or Vdc
Sensitivity: 1.7mV/V +/-0.5% (1.5mV/V standardistation)
Isolation resistor: >10MΩ

General characteristics:
Operating temperature: -30…+100°C
Nominal temperature: +15… 70°C
Influence of temperature on offset: ≤±0.05%
Influence of temperature on sensitivity: ≤±0.05%

Mechanical characteristics:
Material: stainless steel 1.4542
Deflection: ≤50μm
Overload: 150% of capacity
Dynamic performance: 70% of full scale
Resonance frequency: >20KHz
Standardization option: 70x8mm for the electronic part
30 cm from the end of the cable
Protection class: IP54

Electrical connection:
Electrical connection: 4 wires Teflon shielded length 2m
qualified cable drag chain

Color of the threads:

White: power supply +
Brown: power supply –
Yellow: output signal +
Green: output signal –

    FO C 1KN MIN0...1KN
    FO C 2KN MIN0...2KN
    FO C 5KN MIN0...5KN
    FO C 10KN MIN0...10KN
    FO C 20KN MIN0...20KN
    FO C 50KN MIN0...50KN
    FO C 100KN MIN0...100KN

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