Bargraph Indicator Display Universal

Bargraph Indicator Display Universal

This type of equipment makes it possible to directly visualize a physical quantity using a graphical indicator in order to visualize the value more quickly than by a digital display.

Its programmable input and multi-color display cover a large number of applications.

Optional are available; an analog or digital output as well as logic and alarm outputs.

Product reference : I FP 2513 suivant INBU
Availability : stock suivi
Fiche technique

Detailed description
1-channel version 2-channels version
Display LCD 4 digits 7 mm (red, green or blue)
Bargraph height 82 mm
Input Thermocouples, RTD, mV for SHUNT, voltage up to 600 V, mA and A up to 5A
Option Analog output mA or V, RS 485 modbus ASCII or RTU, 4 alarm relays or 8 logic outputs with timer function
Record function 750 measures
Number of segments in 3-color version 55 48
Number of 7-color version segments 29 27
Format 48 x 144 mm
Power supply 24 VDC +/- 300 mA or 95 to 253 VAC

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