Indicator Display Universal Input

Indicator Display Universal Input

This device is a 4-digit panel indicator developed for maximum efficiency and for user comfort while keeping prices attractive.

It’s a universal input indicator with the possibility of configuring 8 different types of inputs, which are easily configurable in the device menu.

With the different input modules, it is possible to extend the DC voltage and current range.

We can also increase the number of inputs to 4 (1 universal, 3 Process 4-20mA, 0-10V).

Product reference : IN 4896 UNI suivant I FP 2116
Availability : 1 week
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Input number


DC Rangeselectable in the menu

±60 mV >      100 MΩ Input U

±150 mV >     100 MΩ Input U

±300 mV >     100 MΩ Input U

±1 200 mV >  100 MΩ Input U


PM Rangeselectable in the menu

0…20 mA < 400 mV Input I

4…20 mA < 400 mV Input I

±2 V          1 MΩ     Input U

±5 V          1 MΩ     Input U

±10 V        1 MΩ      Input U

±40 V        1 MΩ      Input U



OHM Range




selectable in the menu

0…100 Ω

0…1 kΩ

0…10 kΩ

0…100 kΩ


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