Analogue converter 0..10V in line for gauges bridge sensors TR FO LIG

Analogue converter 0..10V in line for gauges bridge sensors TR FO LIG

This amplifier is intended for sensors with gauge bridge technology.

This in-line amplifier for force transducer (traction and compression) or for strain gauge pressure transducer is an ideal solution when it is not possible to install a classic TR FO RS485 DIN rail converter in a cabinet.

The amplifier is supplied between 15 V and 30 V and manages the very precise supply of the gauge bridge, protecting it from short circuits.

The sensor must have a sensitivity between 0.5 and 30 mV / V

The analog output voltage can be set within a range of 0 to ± 5 V or 0 to ± 10 V

The choice of voltage range is made with an internal DIP switch.

Fine adjustments and zero point adjustment are performed by multi-turn potentiometers which are mounted on the circuit.

The internal connection of the sensor, the output signal and the power supply is made via screw terminals.

The amplifier has a very good seal: IP67

The amplifier’s cutoff frequency is 1 kHz.

Product reference : TR FO LIG suivant FP
Availability : 1 week
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Sensors gauge bridge :

Bridge resistance : 350 Ω…5 KΩ
Connexion type : 4 wires
Excitation voltage : 2.5 V
Excitation current : 10 mA

Consumption : 0.3 VA approximate

Sensitivity : 0.5m V/V ….30m V/V
Default sensitivity : 1.5 mV/V


Main features :

Measurement error   : 0.1% of full scale

Point 0 : adjustable up to 25% (5% as standard)

Temperature coefficient :  <100 ppm/K

Offset linked to temperature on 0 : <0.4 µV/K
Power supply : 15…30 Vdc

Current consumed : 20 mA
Switching frequency : 1 KHz
Operating temperature : 0…60 °C
Humidity : 10…80 % non-condensing


Dimensions and mechanical characteristics :

Aluminum tube
degree of protection : IP67

PG7 sealed passage for the passage of power and signal cables

Dimensions : 120 x Ø25 mm

weight : 150 g approximatively

Analog output signal :

Voltage  : 0…+/-5 V or 0….+/-10 V selectable by switch

Output impedance : 440 Ω


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