Pt100 notches for stator type LE1

Pt100 notches for stator type LE1
Pt100 notches for stator type LE1

The pt100 notch probes are used to measure the temperature of the stator winding of high voltage motors.
Made of epoxy fiberglass:
Epoxy (80x10x2.5mm)
Epoxy (80×7.5x2mm)
Epoxy (50x5x2mm)
depending on the isolation voltage required.
Mesurex realizes all types of dimensions according to your request
These products comply with EDF specifications HN-51-S-01

Product reference : LE1 datasheet FP T 2833
Availability : 4 to 8 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description

We carry out dielectric and isolation tests to qualify this sensor
Isolation 5kV/50Hz,
Temperature test use -50/180°C.
Dimensional testing
A validation PV is systematically provided with these products (Isolation, dimensional measurement reading, temperature reading at 0 and 100 ° C)

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