Thermocouple with washer DAO

Thermocouple with washer DAO
Thermocouple with washer DAO
Thermocouple with washer DAO
Thermocouple with washer DAO

Type K, J, T, … thermocouple, with relay terminal type end cap, ideal for fixing with a Ø4, Ø5, Ø6 mm screw …

This product is mainly intended for surface measurement. The hot spot is located as close as possible to the contact zone.

The temperature resistance is 300 ° C with the possibility of adding a miniature or standard type K, J, T compensated connector.

MESUREX is a specialist in the manufacture of custom thermocouples, we can adapt the thermocouples to your use.

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Product reference : DAO suivant FP 2803
Availability : Mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description

This sensor is also available in a reinforced version with armored glass silk cable.

This assembly also allows us to rise higher in temperature.

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