Ball joints and accessories for force transducer -ROT

Ball joints and accessories for force transducer -ROT

End caps and ball joints are mechanical elements ready to be assembled, for the transmission of tilting movements, often combined with variable rotary and angular movements.

The dimensions of the end caps refer to the dimensional standards DIN 648K.

These products have a very good resistance to high loads and are suitable for all of our traction sensors FTCS, FTCP, FTCN.

We have threads adapted to our sensors in male and female version.

Product reference : -ROT
Availability : 2 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description

The inner ring bore is ground and polished, the tolerance is H7.
Its diameter is the nominal measure of the type and the basis for all other dimensions.
The rod thread, tolerance 6h, is available in several versions.

The loads are expressed in daN.
They indicate the maximum static load before permanent deformation of the body.
The maximum unidirectional dynamic load is not more than 50% of the given static loads.
For alternating dynamic loads, the limit is 25%.

    ReferencesPasMale / FemaleMaterial
    -ROTM6x1MM6 X 1.00MALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM10X1.5MM10 X 1.5FEMALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM10X1.5FM10 X 1.5FEMALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM12X1.75MM12 X 1.75MALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM12X1.75FM12 X 1.75FEMALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM16X1.5MM16 X 1.5MALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM16X1.75MM16 X 1.75MALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM16X2FM16 X 2FEMALE1.3505 HARD
    -ROTM20X2.5FM20 X 2.5FEMALE1.3505 HARD

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