Hot spot machine MPC2

Hot spot machine MPC2

This machine was designed for heavy thermocouple users such as laboratories or the heat treatment industry.
It offers complete autonomy and allows from thermocouple wires to make either even finished thermocouples.
No special skills are required to operate the welding machine.

The welding machine can be operated through the front panel or using a foot pedal.

This model is suitable for wires from 0.1 mm up to 0.8 mm in diameter without the use of Argon gas.

If Argon is used a hose purge is provided in the operation.

All the accessories necessary to make quality thermocouples are supplied with the equipment.

Product reference : MPC2 suivant FP 2161
Availability : 1 week
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Type of welding : Arc welding

Energy emitted : 0 to 60 joules

Welding capacity : wires between 0.1 and 1.1 mm

Duty cycle : Minimum 5 to 10 welds/min
Dimensions :  Length : 220 mm, Height : 120 mm, Depth : 250 mm
Weight : 4 kg
Power supply : 110 to 120 Vca or 220 to 250 Vca (50 Hz – 60 Hz)
Power consumption : 170 VA max et 20 VA in charge

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