Specific cable for thermocouple Type T

Specific cable for thermocouple Type T

Cable for thermocouple all types.

MESUREX offers different coatings, Teflon PFA, Silicone, tinned braid, etc…

Other ypes of custom cables or request, consult us.

Manufacture of extension cables, cabinet wiring.

Product reference : FP 2126
Availability : mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description

PARAMETERS                                                                     VALUES



K, J, T, E, N, S


Isolating conductors





Sheathing material


Teflon                          Flat shape

Braid + Teflon           Round shape

Braid + Silicone         Round shape

Teflon + Braid            Round shape

The braid is tinned copper as standard; 304 stainless steel or inconel on request.

The Teflon used depends on the temperature of use, see below (FEP as standard).


Operating temperature


Teflon FEP        from -190°C to 205°C        Standard Teflon PFA        from -190°C to 260°C

Silicone             from -60°C to 205°C

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