Screw-in thermocouple CRR

Screw-in thermocouple CRR
Screw-in thermocouple CRR

Thermocouple type screw-in temperature sensor.
The stainless steel fitting is fitted on request.
Diameter and length of the part under thread to be specified.
K, J, T, E thermocouple type temperature sensor
The assembly is one-piece and watertight and pressure-tight.
The extension cable in standard version is 2 m in Teflon or in glass silk or armored glass silk.
A standard or miniature compensated thermocouple connector can be added.

Example of M10x100 thread, mounting on pipes, walls and thermowells etc.

MESUREX is a specialist in the manufacture of custom thermocouples, we can adapt the thermocouples to your use. Do not hesitate to consult us with our automatic reminder at the bottom right of your screen.

Product reference : CRR suivant FP 2146
Availability : 2 weeks
Technical sheets

Detailed description

This model of thermocouple type temperature sensor is designed for temperature measurements up to 250 ° C or more (depending on the constitution of the materials) in solid, liquid or gaseous media.

It is equipped with an integrated stainless steel thread M8x100, M10x100, G1/4, G1/8, G3/4, G1, NPT … connection for its fixing on a base.
The extension is done with a shielded Teflon cable, or shielded glass silk.

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