Vibrometer transmitter TR VIB

Vibrometer transmitter TR VIB

This transmitter is intended to monitor vibratory intensities, for accelerometers with integrated electronics.

It directly converts the values ​​given by an accelerometer (g), into speed (mm/s).

The velocity thus calculated is applied to a relay with an adjustable threshold from 0 to 100% of the measurement range.

Product reference : TR VIBR suivant FP 2170c
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Technical sheets

Detailed description


Speed range10, 20, 50, 100 mm/sec
Speed analog output4/20 mA for the measuring range
Response time10 sec. approximately
Acceleration output100 mV/g
Bandwidth1 Hz to 2 kHz
Relay output1 contact Rest/Work
Threshold relay contacts

10 A / 250 Vac or 10 A / 30 Vdc max.

Positive safety output (Relay stuck without alarm)

Order0 to 100% of the selected speed range
Response time10 sec. approximately

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