Economical thermocouple FTTORS

Economical thermocouple FTTORS
Economical thermocouple FTTORS

Ideal thermocouple for surface temperature measurements or in materials (thermocouple lost during cooking for example).

Very simple solution delivered with exposed hot weld.

Very short response time thanks to the small diameter of the conductors (0.2 mm or 0.5 mm).

Each conductor is Teflon® insulated.

Choice of output on bare wires or on connector.
This solution exists in thermocouple type K, J, T, E, N.
We can also offer the coil of bare wires and the hot spot machine in order to make your own thermocouples to length.

Product reference : Thermocouple économique FTTORS FP 2154
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Technical sheets

Detailed description

This model of temperature sensor is characterized by its flexibility, ease of implementation and low price.

Lengths on request.

Temperature resistance from -75 °C to 250 °C continuously.

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