Agile solutions to monitor the thermal heating of electric batteries and optimize their design

Solutions optimales pour toute mesure de température en surface: les capteurs de Mesurex, grâce à leurs dimensions très réduites et leurs grandes performances techniques, permettent de prendre la mesure même dans les endroits les plus exigus et dans des conditions extrêmes.

In a world grappling with growing energy demand and the absolute necessity to mitigate climate change, transitioning to sustainable energy sources is more critical than ever. By 2050, forecasts suggest a continued reliance on fossil fuels, highlighting the urgency of shifting to renewable alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electrification, particularly through electric vehicles, is emerging as a pivotal solution. Lithium-ion batteries, renowned for their high energy and power density, efficiency, and lifespan, are at the heart of this transition.

However, these batteries face significant thermal challenges that hinder their widespread development and adoption. Issues such as thermal runaway, performance degradation in cold climates, accelerated aging linked to turbo charging underscore the importance of understanding and mastering the thermal phenomena of lithium-ion batteries, which have direct impacts on :

Battery lifespan / Autonomy of the vehicle / Recharge time / Risk of fire

Mesurex, a specialist in temperature sensors since 1972, has been collaborating for many years with research & test centres, and manufacturers of electric batteries, to design and manufacture surface temperature sensors capable of meeting the most demanding needs, particularly in the aspects of:

> Measurement reliability and durability of the sensor over time

> Wide measuring range (-200° to +200°C depending on the model)

> Very fast response time (from 0.1 sec.)

> Minimal product footprint (from 0.3 mm thickness, and miniature surface dimensions)

> Durability and re-use of the same sensor for multiple tests

> Adaptability to the needs of each type of test (cable length and type of connectors on request)

> And controlled cost for the case of destructive tests

Thanks to their very small size and high technical performance, our agile and versatile sensors make it possible to measure even in the tightest of spaces and under extreme conditions. This optimal understanding of thermal phenomena makes it possible to design batteries that are safer and more efficient over time.

Discover all our solutions in our special report “Mastering the thermal challenges of electric batteries” (in English)

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