Pressure transmitter M10

Pressure transmitter M10

Miniature pressure transmitter with M10x100 thread
This product based on gauge bridge technology is intended to measure absolute, relative or sealed pressures.

Different output signals are available: 0..5 V, 4..20 mA or not amplified in mV / V.

Metal gage internal give output signal up 10mv withy 10V supply
Semi gage internal givee output signal up 100mv withy 10V supply

We offer optional IP67 or high temperature compensated versions.

Manufactured entirely in stainless steel with a shielded Teflon cable outlet.


Product reference : PM10C suivant FP P 602
Availability : Mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description
Measuring range : 1/350 Bar
Mechanical connection :  M10x100
Output signal :       0/5V, low level, 4/20mA
Application : Aeronautics, industry

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