Portable display for strain gage sensors PNFO PSDS

Portable display for strain gage sensors PNFO PSDS

The PNFO PSDS allows simple display measurements for load, force, pressure, torque and other strain bridge sensors, with a sensibility up to 480 mV/V.

Up to six calibration ranges are available allowing for different loading modes (tension and compression) or different sensors. Each calibration range (such as the selected measurement units, or load values) will remember settings that contribute to the user experience.

Up to six display modes are available. These determine what is visible on the LCD display and what actions are available from the set of three soft keys.

Full configuration is available with a free PC based toolkit. Some simple configuration such as two-point calibration is available from within the handheld using the menu system.

This device can also be used as camera or, with additional accessories, can be mounted on a specific equipment or hung on a wall.

Le PSD is powered with 2 AA alkaline batteries (not rechargeable).

Product reference : PNFO PSDS data sheet 4035
Availability : stock important
Technical sheets

Detailed description


Sensor inputStrain sensor (Wheatstone bridge)
Drive capability85 to 10000 Ohm
Cabling6- or 4-wire
Sensitivity range+/-7.5mV/V to +/-480mV/V
+/-0.5mV/V with reduced resolution
Measurement unitsMany units available with automatic scaling
Configuration/calibration6 available modes
FunctionsMin/Max – Hold – Delta – Cumulative Zeroing – Alarm – Go/NoGo
Display resolution128×64 pixels
Power supply2 x AA batteries or USB powered
Battery life220h at 1 Hz (low quality) or 60h at 1200 Hz (high quality)
SoftwareReal timing visualization of graphs and parameters
Protection standardIP 64
External dimensions170 x 94 x 42 mm
Weight365 g (including batteries)


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