Miniature connector for thermocouple -MM serie

Miniature connector for thermocouple -MM serie

Miniature connectors with 2 flat pins, perfect for connecting thermocouples and manufacturing extender.

Thermocouple type K: green

Thermocouple type J: black

Thermocouple type T: brown

Thermocouple type E: purple

Thermocouple type N: salmon

Thermocouple type R, S: orange

Mesurex designs extenders with several channels, sheathing of the channels with temperature resistance from 100 ° to 250 ° C.

These products also exist in 3 pins for shielding version.

Product reference : -MM or -FM datasheet FC1013
Availability : mainly in stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Max temperature 220°C

We have other version for high temperature made of ceramic

A lot of accessories can be proposer with this serie of connector : adaptator, clamping…


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