Black ball temperature series BOUL NOIR

Black ball temperature series BOUL NOIR

The black ball is intended for measuring the ambient air temperature taking into account the radiating effect.

It is very often used in research laboratories and is based on the principle of black bodies.
The temperature read is an average ambient temperature which takes into account the radiant effect.

This temperature can be compared to the temperature perceived by a person. It’s particularly used to qualify a temperature in working environments or in climatic laboratories.

It adapts to all types of thermocouple or PT100.

We offer it in different diameters (Ø50, Ø70, Ø100), and with different mounting brackets.

Product reference : BOUL NOIR suivant T FP 2809
Availability : Large stock
Technical sheets

Detailed description

Measuring range : -40 … +80 °C

Accuracy : 0.15 °C (0 °C) depending on the chosen accuracy class
Dimensions : diameter 50, 70 or 100 mm thickness 6/10 mm


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